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About Us

Avman shipping primarily to maintain ship agency activities in Gemlik and all ports of Turkey.
was established in Gemlik in July 1977 by our grandfather Faik AVCI. Boat
In line with the requirements of the agency, ship operations are carried out in a healthy way.
works with its representative and expert staff in order to carry out

Safe Harbor

Uninterrupted Service

Continuous Tracking

Professional Team

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Our Services

What are we doing ?

In order to guarantee high service quality in every port, especially in the port of Gemlik
We work with an experienced and dedicated professional team.

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Tenant Agency

We provide cargo owners with the most efficient port operations.

  • Port status and conditions

  • customs clearance

  • Loading and unloading services

  • surveillance services

  • Reducing costs

  • Hassle-free loading and unloading operation

  • 24/7 communication opportunity

  • Solution oriented


Shipowner's Agency

As a ship owner agency, our priority is to protect all the interests of the ship owner and to perform the necessary services on time, completely and at the cheapest cost.

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Protective Agency

We offer services such as examining the charterer agencies at port calls, submitting the correct proforma D/A, checking the delivery of fuel supply if services such as refueling have been received, and collecting the necessary certificates.

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Chartering Service

Avman Maritime safely manages its charter and operations with its own chartered ships. With its wide ship portfolio, it provides opportunities such as finding ships specific to the customer's demands and cargo, making cargo plans and contracts safely, and surveillance service during loading / unloading.

Audit Service

Arrival-Evacuation Supervision

Quantity Determination

Inspection Services

Personnel Changes

Captain Advance

Technical Solutions

Ship Personnel Transportation

Ship Delivery Service

Instant Information Flow

Stock Control Before Loading

Inspections are carried out in the places where the cargo is produced, stored, prepared for shipment, after shipment, and in the places where the loading will take place, all counting quality and possible damages that may occur during loading are determined.

Draft Survey

It is a weighing method accepted by the customs of many countries, used in order to find the weight of the said sea vehicle with the help of some static calculations, starting from the principle of buoyancy of water, especially in the loading and / or unloading of commercial goods transported by sea vehicles, in import or export. It is done by the personnel of competent surveillance companies and/or ship personnel.

Bunker Survey

It is the process of calculating the altitude values taken in the tanks where the ship's fuel is located or the values read from the meters, using the current and valid certificates of the ship's certificates and the concentrations of the fuels received on the invoices.


Our Values

We have an understanding of perfection in our services with our ethical values that we adhere to. Our ethical values that we adopt the understanding of honesty and quality; We demonstrate this with our work, the customer services we offer, our breakthroughs in being a leader, and most importantly, our expert staff working with us. Because our experience is our strength.

Our aim is to support the success of our customers, to contribute to their goals and to be with them in their journey of growth. Our most important mission is not only to do our job in the best way, but also to contribute to humanity and nature.  We value human health and nature, and take responsibility for their protection. We pay attention to the management of the logistics sector within the framework of sustainability themes.​​

We are sincerely grateful for the support and friendship our customers have shown over the decades, and we look forward to developing these relationships in the years to come.



+90 224 513 13 85
+90 224 514 25 47
+90 224 514 42 70
Dr. Ziya Kaya Mh. Kumsal Sok. No:37/1 Gemlik/BURSA

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